Applying the scientific method to fixed income investing
We research and deliver scientific fixed income solutions
BlueCove is a scientific asset management firm founded in 2018. Our mission is to create market leading state-of-the-art fixed income offerings to our client investors. We believe that scientific active investing, as an alternative and complement to both passive and traditional active investing, is set to be the next defining development for the US$60 trillion fixed income industry.

Fixed income markets over the last fifty years

Fixed income markets over the last fifty years have been shaped by a small number of defining product and market developments.



Inception of the Eurobond market, globalising dollar bond markets


Advent of passive investing, giving investors an alternative to actively managed products for the first time


Development of the credit default swap market, deepening liquidity and facilitating long/short credit investing


Introduction of the Euro triggers the birth of a homogenous European credit market


Arrival and evolution of scientific fixed income investing

Present Day

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